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Baby Product Review- MamaEarth Tummy Roll on

MamaEarth Tummy Roll on Babies are prone to colic, gas and indigestion until their digestive system is fully developed. It may also be caused due of mother's diet or improper feeding or excessive swallowing-in of air while crying. The digestive system takes approximately six months to mature and till then colic is the major reason for your child's discomfort. One age-old home-made remedy to soothe abdominal discomfort is application of hing- warmed in ghee. (Asafoetida warmed in clarified butter). Some use hing burnt in ghee . This can be applied gently around belly button in small circular motions, 3-5 times a day, or till the baby feels relieved. This remedy can be used from 0 + months. However, overpacked schedules of mommies may call for some handy and faster remedy. One equally good ready-remedy is "Mamaearth tummy roll on" . It can be used from 3+ months. It is a wonderful product by Mamaearth.  Check it here- I received Mamaearth hamp

Kids Product Review- "Cocomo"

We see a slew of  baby  products in the market. But there is shortage of products for  kids  in the range of 4-16 years. This age group neither comes under babies, nor under adults. Though baby products can still be used but adult cosmetic products- a big NO.  I was using a baby shampoo for my daughter (7+) since toddlerhood, but then her hair started to dry out. After lot of research, I found that there are not many brands and products available for middle years, pre-teens and teenagers. Then, I came across the brand Cocomo. Cocomo is the best brand for growing kids and teens. As per Cocomo, their products are 100% safe and natural with   no   parabens and   no   sulphates. You can find wide range of products on their website- Hair care, Bath and body, Deodorants, Travel packs, Combo packs etc for growing teen girls. I ordered 'Cocomo- Earth Shine' Shampoo, according to my daughter's hair requirement and I am not disappointed.  Her long hair-locks are getting better day by

DIY- Kids Book Storage

As the kids enter schools, the one thing which gets added year-on-year in our homes are books-  school books, notebooks, extra books, story books, activity books, previous year's books, project books and worksheet books etc. And few, like me, preserve their own books too, from their colleges and universities.  Their storage is messy and often becomes a huge challenge. Taking inspiration from a file folder (in a mall), I made a DIY book folder, during first lockdown, from a big surf box. I used ARIEL Matic large box. (Wonderful surf it is!!!). Moreover, the box is sturdy and durable and it can take good amount of weight. After all the surf packets are used, don't throw away the box. Make it a great book storage avenue. Let's see the method:  1. Take the box and cut all its flaps. 2. We get a rectangular box. On the side with smaller width, mark two points, approximately 12 cm high, from the bottom. Join the points and make a straight line. 3. Now, extend the points to the si

Books for Toddlers

" Books are a uniquely portable magic ." - Stephen King. " If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need "- Marcus Tullius Cicero. " If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales. "- Sir Albert Einstein. The above few quotes explain the importance of books in one's life.  Books should be introduced early in the childhood due to innumerable reasons-  - They enhance the curiosity and imagination of children.  - They increase the visual perception which, in turn, enhances their brain development.  - They are a good way of spending "quality time" with your kids. Reading books to your toddlers increases the bonding between parents and kids.   - They are good way of meeting a child inside you too. No matter how old you grow, you should always try to nurture that "kid at heart" feeling. It makes you feel lighter and more close to yo

Angry Cubs: Our Children Clubs

Every single being on this living planet gets "angry".  You won't find a single person who has never experienced this emotion called 'anger'.  Is it that bad an emotion? Actually... No. Anger is an emotion which naturally comes to us when our 'wish' or 'need' is not fulfilled.  And our little children, as they grow, get to 'wish' certain things as per their understanding and surroundings. And, if they don't get that, we have to encounter their 😡😠faces.  But how to manage our angry cubs in such situations? Let's evaluate what actually are their needs, wants and desires. Which of them should we fulfill? Which of them should we ignore? And, which of them should we refuse? 1. Hungry Children make Angry Children- We all must have heard this new word 'Hangry' by Gen Z / Gen Alpha. Children (especially < 10 years), majorly get irritated and cranky when they are hungry. So, whenever you find your young child/ children visibly f