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Earth Day - Helping the Mother Earth today and tomorrow...

Our lovely Blue Planet 🌍...  Our Mother Earth has its birthday today...  It's 22 nd April - THE EARTH DAY...                                                So, today, let's celebrate the mother of us all, THE MOTHER EARTH...  Our Mother Earth was born some 4.5 billion years ago and no one knows the exact birth date, then how do I call 22 nd April the Earth's birthday?  Until April 1970, everyone was just enjoying the blue planet's privileges. It was Senator Gaylord Nelson from US who recognised the importance to save our living planet. He was perturbed by the fact that no institute/ government focused on the protection of Earth's environment, so he created Earth Day on 22nd April, 1970. About 20 million people supported this noble cause to save and protect our Mother Earth.  So, this makes  Earthday - Birthday . Because, this was the day when human race celebrated the Earth (like this), for the first time.  We all owe a lot to Mother Earth. Let's find some ways

Toddlerz @ Home- Activity 4- Toddler Turmeric Art

  Toddler Turmeric Art Turmeric or Indian saffron (commonly known as Haldi ) is a miraculous product. It can be used as a spice, food colour, dye, litmus, medicine, beauty product and for toddlers - as a safest and natural art colour. So, if you are out of colours, as was I one fine day, turn to the kitchen and pick a teaspoon of this natural and safe turmeric, to create some good art work with your toddler. What all you need for this activity is- 1. A plain white paper 2. 1 teaspoon of turmeric 3. 1/2 glass of water 4. A large bowl 5. A spoon 6. A paintbrush (optional) 7. An artsy, messy mood Learning objective: - Introduction to colour yellow - Introduction to mixing (making coloured water) Colour play is very important for cognitive development and it enhances the key motor skills of little toddlers. Colours play a vital role for little happy hearts, as they are calming and soothing to them. Steps: 1. Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric and a half glass of water in a small tray and see the

Foods for kids to "beat the summer heat"

Hello Summer!!! Mommies love you because you shed the winter-laziness...πŸ€© Mommies hate you because you make kitchens tandoors  πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ... πŸ˜€ Kids love you because you bring them chilled ice-creams... 🍨 🍧 Kids hate you because you make them sweaty, tired and dehydrated... 😐 And mommies, certainly, don't like to see their kids exhausted and drained-out. "Hello Mommies!!!", replies Summer, "Though I can't help you with your tandoori kitchens, but I certainly can share few tips to keep my kids and everyone out there, cool, hydrated and happy. Follow them and make little kids jump, play and wear ' I πŸ’– Summer'  T-shirts😎. Ayurveda/ Allopathy/ Homeopathy/ Naturopathy- All contradict one another regarding the best time to eat a particular food- morning/noon/ evening/night/mid-night- Forget all...Just have it according to your dadi and nani and above all- mother's instinctπŸ˜‰." *This article primarily focuses on things which provide vital minerals an