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"IDEAL" age-gap between kids ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿ‘ถ

  Ideal age- gap between kids is an interesting topic of discussion, especially, during early parenthood years. Everyone, from twenties to nineties, suggests the new parents to space their kids in a certain way.  As soon as the first baby's first teeth erupts, questions and statements start pouring- ๐Ÿ’  - "When are you having second?"  - "Did you plan something?" - "Beta, sath-sath bache pal jate hain." - " wait atleast 2 years." - "Arey, 5-year age gap BEST!" - "Beta, baad mein mushkil hoti hai." Some sane parents ignore all this and some sane parents, who turn insane๐Ÿ˜„, decide to visit a doctor. The answer doctors usually give  (w ith due respect to all the doctors)- -  "You should 'ideally' wait for 18 months. It is good for both mother and baby.   Don't stress out. If you both are healthy, you can take your time." Even after visiting the doctor, some parents are unsatisfied becaus

Mamma burnt a pan

December.  A chilly winter evening , 5 pm, calls for a hot beverage and what's better than a tea ☕ and here I will be sharing an ordeal for a cup of tea, one such evening. Pan with water was kept on full flame. Green cardamom, cinnamon powder, laung (clove) ,a little ginger,  few seeds of black cardamom were added, hurriedly, with chilly hands. Spices started dancing in boiling water. As the warm flavours met my olfactory receptors, I added tea leaves and little sugar and here comes- "Mammaaaaa Pottttyyyyy.......", by my two-year old. I put the flame to minimum and rushed to clean the potty. All the mothers reading this, will definitely echo that lucky are the days when the meals are eaten, still warm. Little one's pee-poop has a perfect timing with mother's eating-drinking schedules.  So, potty cleaned, bump dried, powder dabbed, diaper on, warmer tick, trouser done, socks tick, shoes done....Did I forget something? (Mothers of North-India will definitely underst