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The importance of G.K. for Kids

1990s - Good old school time and good old report cards... After 5-6 major subjects in our report card, there were some minor subjects like- Art, Music, Moral Science and G.K. I still remember revising some current affairs, just before the G.K. exam. And if any question came from the 'studied' current affair, it felt so good.  Come today 2022- Art and Music have grown by leaps and bounds. These are taught in schools plus the kids learn them through extra classes too. But Moral Science and G.K. are lost as a subject. They are no more independent or mandatory subjects, though the moral concepts and general knowledge is still provided in different forms or as different activities.  Talking to various kids from few years made me feel that though today's kids are way sharper, but they are low on current affairs and general awareness. General Knowledge is built over years. It can't be gained overnight by reading one or two G.K. books. Middle years children (5-10 years) and pre

Yoga Yoga Everywhere!!! But how I get to go??

  Many people have resorted to yoga in last few years, and they are seeing huge difference in their health. But a huge population is still in thinking mode, and a huge are doing only 'comfort yoga'- like on and off, depending on the mood.  It's difficult to take time out for ourselves with kids. But the umpteen number of benefits of yoga must be reaped by everyone, for our own good health (physical as well as mental). The world would be celebrating the 8th anniversary of International Yoga Day on 21st June 2022. In India, this day is celebrated by Ministry of Ayush with a particular theme every year. This year the theme chosen is " Yoga for Humanity ." Another interesting event which will happen this year across the world is ' Guardian ring .' It would be like a relay race. The yoga sessions would be performed across the nations from east to west along with the movement of sun. It would be telecasted live on DD Channels (India)  (Source: Press Information

A dose of positivity!!!

A woman may be a simple creation of God but when she becomes a mother, she completely transforms into a complex entity. She can have many moods simultaneously in few minutes- happy, sad, angry, disappointed, hopeful, loving, caring and many more. But how is she able to manage so many moods? You can see a mommy screaming at a child now, and the very next minute- that same child is in the arms, being hugged and kissed profusely. Multiple dirty diapers are the irritants, still those little bummies are cleaned and dried with a gentle touch. She may be sick, but never in life would she forget to pick (her child from school/ bus/ park/ friend's home) She truly has ten hands like Goddess Durga, doing multiple chores simultaneously and she has zillions of thoughts running through 86 billion neurons in her mind. 😃 So, after all this, getting tired is expected. Nahi? NAHI. Not at all. Physical tiredness is acceptable. But mind should never be tired. The juggle between kids, careers, and hom