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Every year, first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day, and the week preceding this friendship day is celebrated as friendship week.  Post-Covid, as the schools re-opened, children celebrated this friendship week with full zeal. I saw my 7-year old exchanging cute friendship gifts like message cards, colourful bracelets, chocolates, unicorn pencils etc😊. I am not sure whether they all understand the true meaning of friendship or not but seeing their excitement, I remember a quote read on social media- "When I say I miss my school, I mean my friends and fun, not the school." Truly, this shows that the best and memorable times from the school are the one's spent with our friends- pure and innocent. Then come college friends. After school, college friends come as a blessing to understand the confusions of teenage- confusions from inner world to outer world. It is said that- 'Friends you make in college are the friends you'll have for life' . This is