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Tips to engage toddlers when working from home

 According to me, each mother is a working mother.  Irrespective of whether you are a 'homemaker-mother' or 'freelance-working mother' or ' WFH- entrepreneur mother' or 'WFH- corporate mother', sharing a space with toddler means, in simple words, the space is all theirs. From your laps to laptops, they are everywhere 😀. They are unfolding the folded clothes, messing up the almirahs, exploring the kitchens, making pillow mountains, and washing the hands, sometimes without even being asked for. 😄 But still, even after the mess they create, they are ours only. After all, these little toddlers, or rather, disguised monsters, are brought into this world by us only, our genes 😃. So, we owe them something 😊. If we want our work to be done, we must put them in something good and constructive. This article would explore few such ideas which they can enjoy alone, while you work.  Beware!!! ** There is no activity for toddlers in this world which will leave the

Toddlerz @ Home - Activity 3 - Colourful Fennel Art

  Colourful F e n n e l Art When was the last time you had this colourful fennel?  This colourful fennel ( saunf ) instantly revives the childhood memories. That shop, with a wooden counter, on which lay 8-10 transparent plastic boxes with orange candy, colourful fennel, moti seviyan , bhujia etc etc, was visited every couple of hours😀. These scrunchies, in newspaper packets, were such a delight. Growing up years replaced all these things with packaged chips, carbonated drinks and instant noodles. Even this coloured-fennel was announced unhealthy due to the colour used in it. Is that fair? Were the new things which replaced our childhood munches healthy? 😐 Returning from a road trip, few days back, we stopped at a restaurant to have lunch and there we spotted a counter with all those childhood humble things, not in newspaper packets, but in long transparent bottles. We wanted our kids to show those childhood things we used to eat. I bought two long boxes of colourful fennel and ora

Pandemic Kitchen

  Year - 2020 Knock-knock.. Who? Covid! 😨😰😔 World at a standstill. And the previous two years are synonymous with above expressions. We all had near or far acquaintance with this miniscule virus. For the unknown, viruses are the connecting link between living and non-living things. (In simple words, viruses are non-living till they enter a living entity). And this, so called connecting link, broke all the connections amongst human race. It was bad. It is bad. As all the coins have heads and tails, in the same way, this pandemic had other side of the coin too. This article will share how coronavirus toggled the kitchen and life of common people, with a pinch of (salt) humour, which otherwise is true😀. The lockdown started with a pin-drop silence on 25th March, 2020 morning- roads empty, shops closed, malls shut, schools closed and maids off. Only place bustling in every home was "kitchen" because, now, Ghar ka khana became topmost priority. Virus was on a search for the p