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Digital Mamma

In last two years, online schooling transformed the entire education system, courtesy Mr. Coronavirus,  and the mothers we see today are "Digital Mammas"πŸ˜€. The digital wave didn't restrict itself only to online classes. It has now touched every single domain in our lives. Google Pay, Paytm, Phonepe, UPI, QR codes- all these are indispensable part of us now.  Many people, especially women, were and are fond of keeping a cash amount with them. Not only saving and having it, we, women love to spend it too. But in previous year, I felt, the cash was not outgoing. Reason: Subzi wali wants G pay, Grocery wala wants Paytm, even golgappe wala bhaiya says "Madam Paytm  hi krdo ". Restaurants, online shopping, home deliveries, malls, schools, and maids- all prefer online payments. This digital money transfer is good and easy but I, sometimes, miss that physical money spendingπŸ˜‰. One thing, for sure, I would want to have as physical money- Ladies Kitty amount. I just ho

πŸŒΏπŸƒ A Short Nature Trail with kids πŸ‘£πŸ‘£

India is full of beautiful hill stations from North to South, and West to East. Each destination has its own beauty.  Walking through the nature, through the calm woods, may not excite all. But still if you get to trek or simply walk, someday, try it once. It's truly relaxing.  On return trip from Mahabaleshwar recently, I asked my daughter, "What was the best part of the trip?" "Walking through the jungle to find the hidden river!!!", came her instant reply. And, when I asked myself the same question, I had no better answer.  The summer heat of May doesn't see fuller rivers and splashing waterfalls, but still we thought of visiting Lingmala's waterfall in Mahabaleshwar. On reaching the entry point, we were told there were about 200 steps to reach down there. There were few visitors only. So, with kids, initially we were apprehensive to climb down. Because usually, the kids climb on you when you are climbing up back.  πŸ˜€ So, started a small nature walk a

Mommies! It's Summer Vacations!! Let's holiday!!!

  Any mother who says - "I eagerly wish for kids summer vacations" or who is really excited for summer school off, is a liarπŸ˜‰πŸ˜€. Pun intended.  The thought of summer holidays sets the nerves anxious, days before they start. Kids and mothers, before the long holidays, are as follows- Kids-  "Yeah!!! holidays study...dancing πŸ•Ίand ding traang !!!" Mom- (though super excited from facial expressions) Yeah!!! (inside is like-  yeh band baaja mera hi bajega.") Most of the summer vacations were earlier, and till today, are spent at maternal grandparent's house. Favourite destination of many mothers, where mothers are also at holiday!!! no cooking, no waking up soon and many delights!!! to each mom, her own!!! But a holiday, to a new destination, during vacations should be a must, not because you or kids want to tell that to friends and family, but you deserve it. Mommies deserve a holiday, for, once a while,  they can also get up late...   they too