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Mommies! It's Summer Vacations!! Let's holiday!!!


Any mother who says - "I eagerly wish for kids summer vacations" or who is really excited for summer school off, is a liarπŸ˜‰πŸ˜€. Pun intended. 

The thought of summer holidays sets the nerves anxious, days before they start.

Kids and mothers, before the long holidays, are as follows-

Kids- "Yeah!!! holidays study...dancing πŸ•Ίand ding traang!!!"

Mom- (though super excited from facial expressions) Yeah!!! (inside is like- yeh band baaja mera hi bajega.")

Most of the summer vacations were earlier, and till today, are spent at maternal grandparent's house. Favourite destination of many mothers, where mothers are also at holiday!!! no cooking, no waking up soon and many delights!!! to each mom, her own!!!

But a holiday, to a new destination, during vacations should be a must, not because you or kids want to tell that to friends and family, but you deserve it.

Mommies deserve a holiday,


once a while,

 they can also get up late... 

 they too can have a breakfast buffet... 

 they can leave their bed, cup and plate... 

 for others to immaculate... 

And yes, the days on a holiday, when you are not worried about cooking, or setting your room or drying the washrooms...πŸ˜€ … I am sure, by now, all mothers have already started dreaming of a break....

But this break, we dream of, is often accompanied by the naughty kids πŸ˜‰, whom we have brought into this world. But, if we keep into consideration the children's interests, they will be happy too. Happy children make happy parentsπŸ˜„ which, in turn, leads to a happy holiday!!! 

How to tackle kids on the way to your holiday destination?

a) Clothing: Make them wear the loose and comfortable clothing. They have to twist, turn, run, squat and sit on your laps. If they are tight with their clothing, they become irritated and can't explain that too. Also, prefer slippers/ flip-flops/ slip-ons during the journey. For obvious reasons, they are most comfortable. Kids often tend to remove their footwear on the way, and you would have to make them wear again and again.

b) Get them their personal small backpack (3+ years): Kids are very excited with their bag. Buy or collect small things for their small backpacks. 

            - Little diary/artbook (you can make your own too, with white papers and stapler)

            - small box of pencil colours (avoid sketch pens)

            - thin, lightweight 1-2 books 

            - a small packet of Lego blocks 

            - Mini Ludo/chess

            - a pencil, pen, eraser, and sharpener

            - a thin activity book with puzzles and riddles (find the differences, match columns, sticker pasting)

            - their cap, watch and goggles

            - 2 hankies

            - a small water bottle

Think more according to your child's interest.

Give them all this and allow them to pack. See their excitement and when their bag is finally packed, you will surely find 4-5 extra things, which they felt would be necessary on a trip. Happily, oblige, if they are good ones. Tell them there would be surprises in their bag throughout the trip. Keep their favourite chocolate/ biscuit/ gems/ kinder joy/chips etc at regular intervals.

c) Tablets / Mobiles: Though you can choose to have a tech-free trip, but this technology driven 21st century surely calls for some games on devices. Keep them fully charged (as last resort on long journeys). Don't forget your power bank. If your phone is out of battery and you are at a new place, our guide- the google maps would be lost too. 

How to enjoy with kids on your holiday destination?

1. Choice of destination property: Always chose a hotel/resort which has kids play area or has activities for kids. If kids are busy in their play areas, you may also get some time for yourself.

Prefer a kid- friendly property with bath-tub or kids swimming pool. Water-play is a great excitement to kids. 

2.  Photography: We all love to click our little naughty children. But, for a change, give them the cameras. Ask them to click some lovely pictures. You never know, they may a click a photograph worth framing. πŸ’—

3. Give them the menu before ordering food: I know … I know... The bill would be 10 times if they orderπŸ˜ƒ. Just tell them to choose any one thing of their choice. It could be a chocolate milk shake, or an ice-cream or pasta... Once a while, they too deserve to eat of their choice. (Waise, @ home also, they eat of their own choice). But it's okay...they are also on holiday.

4. Their favourite TV show: Yes, do ask the hotel staff for their favourite TV/ cartoon channel. No matter, how much they travel whole day, after you are back to room, they want to see their favourite show, in a relaxed manner. πŸ˜€

5. Number of days of the trip: There is no ideal, but the best holiday is 3N/4D (3 nights, 4 days) because, often, first and last day are spent travelling.

How to leave your hotel destination?

1. Encourage your children to not make the sheets and linen dirty with their colours. Don't leave your room with unremovable marks.

2. Never ❌ pick towels/ bathrobes/ sheets/ wooden hangers/ electronics/ mugs/ glasses/glass bottles etc from the room. These all are hotel's property. Some premium hotels have electronic tags attached to them. You may be tracked and charged for the same. Basic, used toiletries are an exception.

3. Leave the hotel with a thanks and smile 😊 to the staff and lots of memories.

Happy Holidays!!!




  1. Nice guidelines, beautiful ideas... Happy summer vacations πŸŽ‰πŸ‘

  2. Beautiful ideas πŸ₯° Happy summer vacations πŸŽ‰πŸ‘

  3. Nice article and great tips. Happy Summer vacations..enjoy!πŸ‘πŸŽŠπŸ


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