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Poem: A Mother's First Day @ School

From tummies to laps, from crawls to jumping jacks...Time just flies with little ones. Then comes the day, when these naughty champs have to begin their journey called life. First step: The 'Preschool', after which they won't be wholly ours. Beginning of school years brings a huge relief to mum's life but the first day of separation @ school is the heaviest for mom and child both. Here, I have tried to pen a poem which explains the emotions of a mother on the very first day of preschool. A Mother's First Day @ School In new uniform Let me behold this sight. My little one Is grown up now Then why is this fright? Big school, Big classrooms, Much bigger than her height. Am I ready? Is she ready? For life's new flight. Racing heart, Welled up eyes, That tiny wrist held tight. Pecked, Hugged, " I will be outside " Oops! I just lied. Quiet home, Hushed toys, And so is my appetite. Fidgety, Jittery Couple of hours, Hope all is alright. Tick-tock, tick-tock L

Books for Preschoolers

Preschoolers- the age group of 3-5 years is a question bank๐Ÿ˜€. Innumerable questions- why, what, how?  As they enter the preschools, their curiosity and inquisitiveness knows no bounds.  Colourful classrooms satiate their little explorative mind. Interactive gaming, painting imaginations, making friends, learning to be more disciplined are few of the milestones of this age. This is the time when they are introduced to first numbers, alphabets, shapes, colours, art and craft.  But all mothers can echo, kids are back home, sooner than expected, from school ๐Ÿ˜€(as preschools are just 2-3 hours long). So what about long day hours at home? Here I have curated a list of a few books, which can be a perfect addition to your little one's bookrack. BOOKS 1. Read it yourself with Ladybird (Level 1): Ladybird Level 1  learning books are best for preschoolers who are learning phonics and hence making up little words. These books are written in simple words with beautiful illustrations. A small q

Plants๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿƒ: The symbol of hope, love and care

 Loving the plants and being a Theist comes naturally to anyone. You can't force anyone to love plants or believe in God. But I feel, both plants and God are not at all bothered by one's disbeliefs. They continue to spread their love and care, even if not asked for. On my birthday, two years back, I decided to add greens to my new home. Trip to the nursery nearby, and came home some beautiful Areca palms, Bamboo palms, Crotons, Raphis palm, Dracaenas, Spider plants and lots of colourful seasonal flowers.  A month later, we decided to visit our parents, in another city, for about a week. The only thing bothered me was the upkeep of my lovely plants, but I knew all the species I have will certainly give me a green welcome when I will be  back. (watering the plants when on the go) The destiny had other plans and I contracted Covid there, just 2 days before we had to leave for home. A week-long trip extended to 25 odd days. I had arranged for a water system for my flowering plants


Every year, first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day, and the week preceding this friendship day is celebrated as friendship week.  Post-Covid, as the schools re-opened, children celebrated this friendship week with full zeal. I saw my 7-year old exchanging cute friendship gifts like message cards, colourful bracelets, chocolates, unicorn pencils etc๐Ÿ˜Š. I am not sure whether they all understand the true meaning of friendship or not but seeing their excitement, I remember a quote read on social media- "When I say I miss my school, I mean my friends and fun, not the school." Truly, this shows that the best and memorable times from the school are the one's spent with our friends- pure and innocent. Then come college friends. After school, college friends come as a blessing to understand the confusions of teenage- confusions from inner world to outer world. It is said that- 'Friends you make in college are the friends you'll have for life' . This is

Baby Product Review- MamaEarth Tummy Roll on

MamaEarth Tummy Roll on Babies are prone to colic, gas and indigestion until their digestive system is fully developed. It may also be caused due of mother's diet or improper feeding or excessive swallowing-in of air while crying. The digestive system takes approximately six months to mature and till then colic is the major reason for your child's discomfort. One age-old home-made remedy to soothe abdominal discomfort is application of hing- warmed in ghee. (Asafoetida warmed in clarified butter). Some use hing burnt in ghee . This can be applied gently around belly button in small circular motions, 3-5 times a day, or till the baby feels relieved. This remedy can be used from 0 + months. However, overpacked schedules of mommies may call for some handy and faster remedy. One equally good ready-remedy is "Mamaearth tummy roll on" . It can be used from 3+ months. It is a wonderful product by Mamaearth.  Check it here- I received Mamaearth hamp

Kids Product Review- "Cocomo"

We see a slew of  baby  products in the market. But there is shortage of products for  kids  in the range of 4-16 years. This age group neither comes under babies, nor under adults. Though baby products can still be used but adult cosmetic products- a big NO.  I was using a baby shampoo for my daughter (7+) since toddlerhood, but then her hair started to dry out. After lot of research, I found that there are not many brands and products available for middle years, pre-teens and teenagers. Then, I came across the brand Cocomo. Cocomo is the best brand for growing kids and teens. As per Cocomo, their products are 100% safe and natural with   no   parabens and   no   sulphates. You can find wide range of products on their website- Hair care, Bath and body, Deodorants, Travel packs, Combo packs etc for growing teen girls. I ordered 'Cocomo- Earth Shine' Shampoo, according to my daughter's hair requirement and I am not disappointed.  Her long hair-locks are getting better day by