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Digital Mamma

In last two years, online schooling transformed the entire education system, courtesy Mr. Coronavirus,  and the mothers we see today are "Digital Mammas"๐Ÿ˜€.

The digital wave didn't restrict itself only to online classes. It has now touched every single domain in our lives. Google Pay, Paytm, Phonepe, UPI, QR codes- all these are indispensable part of us now. 

Many people, especially women, were and are fond of keeping a cash amount with them. Not only saving and having it, we, women love to spend it too. But in previous year, I felt, the cash was not outgoing. Reason: Subzi wali wants G pay, Grocery wala wants Paytm, even golgappe wala bhaiya says "Madam Paytm hi krdo". Restaurants, online shopping, home deliveries, malls, schools, and maids- all prefer online payments. This digital money transfer is good and easy but I, sometimes, miss that physical money spending๐Ÿ˜‰. One thing, for sure, I would want to have as physical money- Ladies Kitty amount. I just hope it doesn't go online. Wo maza nahi aayega I guess๐Ÿ˜‰.

I know, nobody denies physical money, but going forward, I feel, that day is not too far. Even wedding invitation cards have QR codes for "more information" and "shaadi ka shagun."

We all are being swept in this digital wave, so, we must go with the flow.

Let's learn few things, from basics, which are required to become an all-rounder "Digital Mamma"๐Ÿ˜Ž. 

1. A google account-

You may choose to have your email id on any of the service provider but best is Gmail. This is interchangeably called as a Gmail account or a Google account. Having a basic email address is required for every digital application. Your email address is like- ***********

Link and verify your phone number with your google account. And now you are good to go. You can now download any application and press "Continue with Google."

2. A bank account- 

A bank account in any bank (obviously with a reasonable balance amount ๐Ÿ˜€) is required to link it with digital money transfer apps. 

3. Paytm or Google Pay account 

Though there are many other online money transfer apps, we will be focussing on Paytm and Google Pay.

Create a Paytm or Google Pay account. Whichever you wish to. You may have both the apps too.

- How to create a paytm account? 

Please refer the following link to create your paytm account-

-How to create a Google Pay account? 

Get a detailed overview on how to create a G pay or google account at the following link-

4. UPI ID-

What is UPI?

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface.

In simple words, UPI is a system for money transfers through various apps, without the need of an account number or IFSC code.

All you need is to have a UPI ID. This is like your unique identification. Each bank account has a different UPI ID. 

- How to create a UPI ID on Paytm?

- How to create a UPI ID on Google Pay?

Have a unique UPI PIN and do not share this PIN with anyone. Your UPI ID and UPI PIN are your own personal identification.

5. QR code? 

QR code means Quick Response Code.

Now, you all mammas know its full form. 
Ask everyone around you. See how many of them know it?

As is clear from the name, it is quick and fast.

How to do payments through QR code? 

Go to your paytm Or google pay app. 

Select "Scan & Pay" or ''Scan Any QR'' in paytm. 

Select ''Scan any QR code'' option in google pay. Enter the amount and payment is done. 

How to scan QR code with mobile cameras?

To make your mobile camera a QR reader, just do the simple settings on your phone

Go to Settings> Apps> System Apps Settings> Camera> Select Scan QR codes.
Now place your Camera in front of a QR code, covering all the 4 corners of the code. 

You are ready now- to see the hotel menu, to know an information or to participate in an event. 

So, go ahead mommies. Those who are already well versed with them, great, and those who are still just thinking, learn and download them soon. This digital wave is superfast. Get going with it. 

I have just shared the basics. Download them and you will find multiple options inside these apps, to make your life easy and convenient.


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