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Books for Toddlers

"Books are a uniquely portable magic." - Stephen King.

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need"- Marcus Tullius Cicero.

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."- Sir Albert Einstein.

The above few quotes explain the importance of books in one's life. 

Books should be introduced early in the childhood due to innumerable reasons- 

- They enhance the curiosity and imagination of children. 

- They increase the visual perception which, in turn, enhances their brain development. 

- They are a good way of spending "quality time" with your kids. Reading books to your toddlers increases the bonding between parents and kids.  

- They are good way of meeting a child inside you too. No matter how old you grow, you should always try to nurture that "kid at heart" feeling. It makes you feel lighter and more close to your little angelic bambinos.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

Variety of books are available for toddlers these days- Touch and feel books, board books, lift-the-flap books, picture books, sticker books, colouring books, activity books, story books and many more. Here, I share with you few books which adorn my bookshelf:

1. 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell-

A lift-the-flap book, Dear Zoo is a classic. It is a great introduction for toddlers to the world of books and world of animals. One of the finest books, from my collection. A must. Check the book here-

2. 'Peppa Pig: Marvellous Magnet Book' by Ladybird-
Peppa Pig is one of the favourite cartoons of toddlers. This book contains colourful backdrops from famous Peppa episodes and small magnetic cut-outs of major characters from Peppa Pig Serial. Kids love to pretend play with this magnetic book. Check the Peppa Pig: Marvellous Magnet Book by Ladybird here-

3. 'Slide and See Jungle Board Book' by Om Publishers-
Another colourful addition in kids bookshelf is Slide and See Jungle book by Om Publishers. The illustrations in this board book are so colourful and vivid that kids really enjoy reading it. Double layer slide-in/slide-out really excites the children. Check the Slide and See Jungle board book by Om Publishers on Firstcry here-

4. PATPAT Cloth Book for babies- 
This is a recent addition to our kids bookshelf. A unique cloth book, its light-weight, colourful, vibrant and washable!!! (though I haven't washed it yet). Its a zipper bag-book and contains various engaging things like matching the shapes, open the zipper, button the cloth, tie the show-lace and lot more. Excellent book for tiny tots. Must try. Check the PATPAT Baby Cloth Book here- 

5. My First Learning Library by Wonder House-
This mini-library is most visited by my toddler. Its picture above is a proof πŸ˜€. The set of 20 small books is apt for first learning. It is visually so appealing to tiny kids that they can spend a good 15-30 minutes (may be more) with it. A great help to work-from-home mothers tooπŸ˜€. (Tips to engage toddlers when working from home)

Some more perks with this mini library-

- Kids love to take out and put the books back in the box.
- They love to arrange the books in various arrangements according to book colours. (Colour pattern learning)
- Includes Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Shapes, Birds, Wild Animals, Sea Animals, Flowers, Toys etc- basically all the first things, which we wish to introduce to our little cuddlies.
Check 'My First Complete Learning Library' by Wonder House, here-

6. 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers-
Stars fascinate all the kids. This beautiful tale about owning a star is truly an amazing read for kids and adults both. Imaginative, colourful and vibrant, How to catch a star is a magical day-night read. 
Check the book here-

7. 'Where is Baby's Belly Button?' by Karen Katz-
Cute and interesting, this book would certainly become your toddler's favourite. Its lift-the-flap is like playing peek-a-boo with body parts. Great inclusion in children's book collection. Check Where is Baby's Belly Button? by Karen Katz here-

Above is the list of few selected books, which I felt were truly amazing. You can make them more special by gifting them to your children on their birthday or some special occasion.

Happy Reading!!!


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