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A day without electricity, in a metro city

Mamma- The Writer 

"Dear residents, there will be a necessary power shutdown on Sunday, Jan XX, 20XX from 9 am to 7 pm for ***********************************and  minor and major repairs in electrical wirings.

The population residing in high-rise condominiums of upscale metro cities, must be aware of these kind of notifications. 

And one fine day, a week before the scheduled power shutdown, we received the above message through society wats app group and e-mail. Living with 24*7 electricity in metro cities is a huge blessing. But, for a change, I really got excited with this day-long power cut. I am a millenial, Generation Y πŸ˜ƒ, born between early 1980's-mid 1990's, and these metro cities are dominated by us, millenials (thats why, may be -the millenial cities). We know power cuts, we have seen the days without electricity and we have enjoyed them too. Everyone screaming and searching for match-box and candles, if it was an after-dusk power cut. Reaching the match box and candle, without an obstacle, was an achievement. Only mamma's knew the exact location of that magic light box. Children were so excited to blow off the candles, as soon as the power returned. Power cuts were so sudden, with no idea when will the power be back. Troubled the most with power cuts were sincere students with an examination next day, though many of them were rather "acha hi hua light chali gayi" from insideπŸ˜„. However,  I belonged to the former category of students, who rather than complaining, lit 2-3 candles together and studied. We were those who were obedient children, whose parents and grandparents have told them the stories about some famous personalities studying and achieving in life due to candle-light study. And we believed that candle-light study, may be, is one of the pre-requisite to be successful in life πŸ˜‡. Power-cut at the time of  Ramanand Sagar's epic "Ramayana" telecast, was averted by many prayers- "Hey prabhu, light na jaye". On similar lines, I too threatened my diety once while a power cut, "Agar mere cartoon aane tak light na aayi toh, I will chose another diety to worship πŸ˜„. "

Those were the days...

We never knew, we were creating memories to cherish, for the world was on the jet-airplane mode for technological advancement, which rather was necessary.

So, after coming back from my memory-trip,  I called my 7-year old and told her about the full day power-cut in our society. She got super-excited. She had seen a power-cut in her "Peppa Pig Serial" and really wanted to have one from long time. Her wish was heard, I believe. I told her all about my childhood electricity-free days and nights. She was overwhelmed and in a state of disbelief, said, "Mamma, you are not lying, right?". I asked her, "No TV! No Wi-fi! Are you ready?" She was more than ready, running here and there. 

Suddenly, my mobile started vibrating with messages- 1, 2, 3, 4 and many more. I checked my phone, nodded my head left-right, and then smiled. Complainers, most of them being millenials, were so shocked and shaken by this no-electricity day news.  Messages which came were as follows:

Resident 1- Why is it being planned in the peak of winter, when we require geysers and room heaters?

Resident 2- I think, the above point is quite valid. Geyser is very important...taking a bath before 9 am, can't even think.

Resident 3- It means no room heater or AC in this cold winter. We can't go out also, because of Corona pandemic.

Resident 4- And worst is, its my wedding anniversary that day. (Now this could be the valid reason to complain though πŸ˜„)

Resident 5- Sorry everyone but I'm excited...Back to childhood days when we had days of no electricity, family engagement time, board games, antakshri. (This only one, like me, an emotional millenial).

Resident  6- Today's teens and kids after waking up will say- "Did we wake up in stone age or what?" (I wanted to reply- yeh thoda zyada ho gya , but I continued further...πŸ˜€)

Resident 7- Can we please postpone it to late February, when the weather is bit warmer? All the appliances like heaters, microwaves, electric kettles etc will be non-functional. (I was like- Someone please tell this microwave and electric kettle man that we can cook food, warm the water and make tea on the humble LPG gas stove. Hope he has it!! Hoga hi, I feel 4-knob wala glass-top hoga)

Resident 8- But in this cold, Thermostat is needed for the aquarium. Else fish will die. Its not fair to deprive us of electricity for so long. (OK, now this one was new to me. I have no experience of an aquarium, but this may be a genuine reason, if it is the survival of an organism. But, is there no power back thing available for aquarium these days? No alternative? Even our LAN Wi-fi has a UPS to back up the signal for uninterrupted office meetings). 

20 or so, back to back, messages and then came the message from administrator of the group-

Admin- We understand your concerns but servicing of LT panels and electric wirings is necessary, urgent and long-delayed. Kindly bear with us. Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

And finally, I was relieved. So power-cut is happening. Seeing the exhilaration of my daughter, I wanted this power-cut to happen. I would certainly try my best to make the day unique and wonderful for kids. 

So, to some over-worried people out there, its not difficult. If young children are so excited, why can't we? Are we too engrossed in our "high-level" businesses and services, that we feel we won't be able to survive, if ever free? Be a child. Grow up. If this happens to you some Sunday, believe me, you all would surely get through that power-free day.

Skip a bath, Showers also need a holiday. (and if it is absolute necessary, boil the water on gas stove and bath with a bucket. You can do it.)

Get up-late, have Sunday-Brunch. 

No power-backed Wifi, I suggest, give mobile hotspot also a break.

Take out Ludo, Carrom and Chess, if not available play dumb-charades.

No TV, have a cup of coffee, with Biwi (wife)

Try to sail through all small and big adversities with patience and smile.

At last, don't forget to say, when the power resumes by the end of the day- "Thank you God for illuminating our homes again."


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