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Doodle Art

I am not an artist ๐Ÿ˜‰, so this form of art was new to me, until 2 years ago..... 

How many of you have drawn some silly sketches on the corners and margins of your notebook when the teacher was busy explaining some "high-level" concept? 

The pen was pressed with a force, to draw lines up, down, right and left. Next, either the triangular mountains or the strings of semicircles. And then, sometimes, some great faces with eyes, lips, ears and hairs. 

These mindless scribblings were and are a great way to relieve stress. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have resorted to this art form since childhood. This is called as doodling, and we all are, unknowingly, "Doodlers."

I got to know about all these terms two years ago, when my elder daughter had an inter-school art competition and her category was - "Doodle Art- Life during Covid lockdown."

Corona pandemic had shut the schools. Online teaching became the new normal and  mothers became an equal teacher-partner of their children. Now, I had to explore about doodle art and teach her, so that we could create a beautiful work for the competition.

On further reading, I got to know that notable personalities like Rabindranath Tagore,  Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Jefferson used to doodle in their works. Even, Bill Clinton, is also known to be a great doodler.

Though, we may not be the masters of this highly under-valued art form, but it really has been found to have great therapeutic and de-stressing effects.

So, my 6 year old was not that interested in all this "knowledge" of doodle art ๐Ÿ˜€and she just wanted me to guide and help her with her work.

And we, both, came out with a beautiful concept and a great doodle masterpiece. (It certainly is a masterpiece for us). We drew a Lock and a Key with doodle expressions inside them. "Lock" part expressed the wild spread of coronavirus over our planet and the way it locked our lives in various ways. "Key" part expressed how the common people, in one or the other way, sailed through this uncertain and fearful phase. 

I was really happy seeing my daughter bringing her creation into shape. Sharing the same as below:

... and, to share, my daughter got second prize in the competition in "doodle art" category.

Out of curiosity, one fine day, I gathered some old and new diaries and notebooks of me and my husband. And certainly, we were "doodlers" too ✌. Few doodles which I found, were-


Do you remember being immersed in your "time-pass" artistic drawings? I suggest, do take some time out and find your own "doodle" happiness. 

  • Life is a continuous learning journey. Keep learning.
  • There is always a silver lining in the gloom. We all must find and follow it. Like we all did during first lockdown, as shown in the "key".
  • You may also find some memories, some secrets and some funny incidents while shuffling through your old notebooks.


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